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You know you need something that gets prospects interested in your brand. However, at the same time, you can’t give all your secrets away. Here’s how to solve the lead magnet problems that keep you up at night.

Know What Problems You Can Solve

You know your brand better than anyone else does. Your brand can solve problems for customers in your own way. So, make a list of the problems you can solve. Write the list in order from easiest to solve to hardest to solve. You’ll be using this list soon.

There are things that your brand can’t do within your industry. You know them. Your brand is not a superhero to everything. You know that. This list is very important.

Find The Problems That You Want To Solve Most

Now, pick the top problems you would love to solve for your prospects. Yes, I know. It’s another list. This list is crucial to this whole mission.

Know your Ideal Target

What prospects do you want to attract? Think of your ideal perfect amazing prospect. You know you want their business. However, you don’t know how to tap into their minds. Here is a process to gain some insight into what they want.

Research Their Problems

Google is your best friend. You’ll be using Google search, Google Trends, and YouTube. Sure, you may have heard that you need Google Analytics. Yes, it’s an important tool. However, it’s much more useful when you have to content to track in the first place, like your lead magnet for example.

Find What They Like

Use the words prospects commonly use in your industry. If you don’t know the words, have fun with Google search. Look up your closest competitor to see how customers describe their product.

After you have your common words, use YouTube to find out what they like. Use your competitor’s product or service and review. Your search should look like this. “[competitor’s product or service] review” Remove the brackets, and you have your secret code. Look to see what customers think. Check a few videos with over 10,000 views. You don’t need the most popular one. See what customers said. Make a note about the praise. Make a note about the criticisms. Now, you’re not here to get mad. You’re here to investigate.

Listen and watch how they praise the products or services. As you’re already here, get a little jump on the next step by watching how they criticize the complaints. Make sure you catch the most important points.

Now, turn to Google search. Do a search for your industry and the word best. It looks like this. “[your industry] best” This will show you more information. Check a few of these for clues to their likes. You want them to sing your praises.

Find What They Don’t Like

Now, as you noted from the YouTube videos, there are some complaints going around. That’s perfect. If not, your industry is a wonderful place to have a business right now.

Once again, do a Google search. This time, do a search for your industry and the word worst. It looks like this. “[your industry] worst” This will show you more information. Check a few of these for clues to their complaints and things they just don’t like. You might even find some things they hate. These emotions are exactly what you want.

Make A Promise

Now, look at the big picture with all the information you’ve collected. Take a look at the list of problems your brand can solve. Now, look at the customer’s complaints. Match the complaints to the problems you can solve. You can’t solve every single problem, but highlight the ones you can.

Now, pick the easiest problem you can solve. You want to choose a problem you can solve with the tiniest bit of effort. This is your promise to your prospects. I promise to (the thing you solve easily) for my ideal prospect. Thank you. This is your guidepost. You’re going to base everything around this promise.

Feed Them the Solution

Looking again at what they liked, do a search for the competitor’s product or service and some of these words. Look to see how customers found out about your competitor’s product or service. Does your competitor invest heavily in their website? Do they advertise their lead magnets constantly? Do they have commercials featuring their lead magnets? Do they use YouTube ads? This is important information to use what these customers want. You have to reach them where it’s effective. This will also help if you want to try something new.

Find what’s Convenient for Your Prospects

Now, look at the websites and YouTube reviews in your industry. Look at the views of the most popular videos. How long are they? That’s a hint to the patience level of your audience. The closer the video is to 20 minutes, the longer their patience. The closer the article or post is to 3,000 words the more patience your audience has. You need this because it’s going to help you decide the length of your lead magnet.

Find What Makes Them Happy

Look at the comments in those YouTube videos and articles. If you ignore the disruptive and harassing comments, you can find a treasure trove of information. Look at the positive comments. These tell you what makes the audience happy. You will shape your lead magnet using these tools.

Deliver Your Promise

Now, it’s time to create a lead magnet using the information you collected. It’s a lot of information. Let me help you with this checklist.

  • Your promise to the customer
  • The length of the articles and YouTube videos
  • Positive and negative words from customers in your industry
  • Notes about your competitors’ methods

Short Tips or Cheat List

If your audience is busy all the time, they could benefit from a short tips cheat list. For example, “The Ultimate Shoe Type Cheat Sheet,” or “Be An Expert in 5 Minutes With These Short Tips.” They only get these easy tips when they sign up.

Short Video

Show your prospects how to solve a problem in 10 minutes or less. Tell them they could find out even more if they sign up.

Email Series

Offer a series of emails offering some kind of training. This training will get them up to speed to the next level only if they sign up or join.

Multi-Part Blog Series

Similar to the email series, you can create a short blog post or landing page. Tell the prospects they’ll get access to a special training, boot camp, or special blog posts just for them only if they sign up.

Video or Audio Series

This is similar to the blog post series. Tell the prospects they’ll get a series of audio information tailored just for them. It would be great for those long drives. They must sign up to get access to this exclusive private audio series.

Short PDF Book

This is a 5 – 20-page guide written for your prospects. Signing up is the only way to get this guide. Remember only solve the simplest problems. Base the lengths on your prospects’ attention span.

Long PDF Book

You’ll be presenting a book. This is for the most patient prospects of all. They must sign up for a thorough approach written directly for their needs. This is for industries where you know you need a substantial lead to get attention. You can repurpose this content in the future.

Take Action

Remember your promise to your ideal prospect. Consider how your promise fits into your chosen lead magnet.

Your prospects are looking for a solution. You are the one who makes their lives better. Choose a method and take charge of your marketing.

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Drew Harrison has been involved in online marketing for over 10 years. What started as a hobby soon grew into a full-time profession where he's always learning & refining strategies.
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